Country Lines collection


Supreme ultratuft production technology combined with all features and benefits from the COBALT collection,
make COUNTRY an enduring carpet tile with a flatweave look & finish.

The fine gauge and condensed pile construction result in extreme durability, making the 8 solid colours of the COUNTRY collection an ideal choice for the most demanding areas.

In case you work on a project with a tight timeframe and you require a quick & worry-free solution, then we guarantee delivery from stock at record speed!

Available colours
country lines - 496_31
country lines - 496_40
country lines - 496_45
country lines - 496_50
country lines - 496_60
country lines - 496_61
country lines - 496_70
country lines - 496_80
Tests & certificates

TÜV Emission testing
The results comply with the emission threshold of :
- AgBB - Germany
- Belgian VOC regulation
- BREEAM Exemplary level
- French VOC regulation
- LEED V4 (outside North America)

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