Country Lines collection


Country Lines can be characterised as an alternative of the Cobalt Lines collection for very heavy commercial use. Identical in colour options, benefits and strengths, yet processed with our ‘Ultatuft fine gauge condensed pile’, adding comfort and extreme durability to the trendy design of Cobalt Lines. 

Contractors in search of heavy commercial use will love this hard-wearing and at the same time trendy solution in industrial offices, shops, public areas of schools, banks, hospitals, airports and local government buildings.

Available colours
country lines - 496_31
country lines - 496_40
country lines - 496_45
country lines - 496_50
country lines - 496_60
country lines - 496_61
country lines - 496_70
country lines - 496_80
Tests & certificates

TÜV Emission testing
The results comply with the emission threshold of :
- AgBB - Germany
- Belgian VOC regulation
- BREEAM Exemplary level
- French VOC regulation
- LEED V4 (outside North America)

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